Why do teachers & students need training?

Any educational institution is assessed based on the results and quality of the students. The teachers are the backbone of any institution and responsible to bring about this result in the students. An outstanding teacher is one who is excellent in the subject and extraordinary in making the subject dynamic. In addition s/he inspires the student in all walks of life. So how do we get extraordinary teachers? Constant & specialized training is the key. Teachers are our first motivators, trainers and mentors. They need training and motivation too. This series of programs are designed to address the dire need that is haunting the education fraternity.

Top Challenges faced by teachers addressed in teachers training

  • Emotional distress due to handling students of different capabilities
  • Lack of know-how about modern and recent teaching techniques
  • Time management issues and Peer pressure
  • Fear of performance & results of the students
  • Lack of time for the family
  • Hard work v/s Smart work
  • Health concerns leading to low performance
  • Specific issues pertaining to the teachers of your institution
  • Mind Mapping Teachers Perspective

Through Teacher 360, expect these results

  • World’s best teaching methods and techniques in a lively package
  • Highly self-motivated and confident teachers with a definite purpose
  • Teachers with team spirit and accountability
  • Teachers with stress managing competency & emotional intelligence
  • Teachers trained to empower cranky students and irritable parents
  • Teachers who can think out of the box consistently & create
  • Teachers who make respect, love & compassion the language of expression
  • Teachers who will create the most enjoyable studying/learning environment
  • Teachers who will prove higher results

Top 7 challenges faced by students addressed in Ants To Giants

  • Poor memory and concentration
  • Fear of examination
  • Low self confidence and self esteem
  • Sour relationship with parents teachers
  • Confused, worried and uncertain about the future
  • Fear of public speaking and speaking to groups
  • Emotional distress due to various forms of abuse

With Ants To Giants, expect these results in your students

  • Students enabled with mind mapping & effective study techniques
  • World’s best learning methods in an enjoyable package
  • Highly positive and accountable students
  • Students able to handle exam pressure through Smart Time Exam Planner [STEP]
  • Students with a feeling of belonging to the institution
  • Students who respect and love their parents & peer
  • Students with defined goals and career map
  • Students with excellent communication & interview skills
  • Prospect leaders

Parental Guidance -2 Hr Seminar [recommended twice a year

Parents are made aware on the following power topics

  • Who is the Master – You are your child?
  • How To Connect with this Miracle
  • Is the ‘apple of your eye’ special?
  • Family Time
  • Synergize with your Child